Toro Aqua Traxx Drip Tape

After years of development, Toro has announced its latest product – Aqua-Traxx FC (flow control) drip tape.

According to Toro, this product creates an entirely new category within the drip irrigation marketplace. Toro says its Aqua-Traxx FC provides growers with improved uniformity compared to turbulent-flow devices, and superior ability to control overall system flow rate compared to pressure-compensating devices. This is made possible through the design of the Flow Control emitter, and leverages Toro’s experience in manufacturing its Proportionally Balanced Cross-Section (PBX) emitter.

“This innovative new product gives growers a level of control they have not experienced in the past,” says Eduardo Mendías, senior product manager for Toro’s Micro-Irrigation Business. “We are excited to give growers a new tool to help them achieve their objectives: increasing yield and quality, while at the same time using water, fertilizers and other resources in the most efficient manner possible.”

Advantages of PBX Flow Control Emitter vs. Turbulent-Flow Emitters:
• Improved irrigation uniformity results in better system performance
• Increased planting and harvest efficiency by farming longer lengths of run without unnecessary submains
• Ability to farm on hilly terrain without sacrificing uniformity or flexibility

Advantages of PBX Flow Control Emitter vs. Pressure-Compensating Emitters:
• Growers retain flexibility to increase or decrease water flow rate, which provides greater control over watering decisions
• Available in a wide range of thicknesses (6mm through 15mm) to meet the needs of all farming applications
• Emitter spacing options starting at six inches without higher prices for close emitter spacing, since drip tape is sold by the foot, not the emitter

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