New Holland Boomer 54D

New Holland has released its new Tier 4B Boomer 54D, which runs a new Common rail FPT Industrial engine and features the SuperSuite cab and EasyDrive continuously variable transmission.

“The 54D Boomer tractor is the ultimate power tool, the perfect combination of superior operator comfort and optimal performance. This is achieved with the EasyDrive continuously variable transmission, the Tier 4B compliant engine and a host of features that enable the operator to get the job done with great efficiency and comfort,” says Luca Mainardi, head of Tractor and Precision Land Management Product Management. “It will appeal to municipalities, private estates and sports facilities alike. At the same time it is perfect for large scale operations and can be specified with tyres suitable for turf care management.”

Powering the Boomer 54D is a new 2.2-liter, three-cylinder, turbo charged, Common Rail engine, which optimizes performance and fuel consumption with New Holland’s unique Particulate Matter Catalyst (PM-Catalyst) technology for Tier 4B compliance. Developed by New Holland’s sister company, FPT Industrial, this engine produces 53 hp and maximum torque of 180 Nm. It achieves Tier 4B emissions standards through a combination of Internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) to control Nitrogen Oxides and a PM-Catalyst to capture and manage Particulate Matter (PM) in the exhaust system. New Holland says this solution is maintenance free and without DPF regeneration; there is no need for the operator to press any buttons to activate it.

The Boomer 54D features New Holland’s EasyDrive continuously variable transmission (CVT). It is the only tractor in this segment with this type of transmission. The CVT enables infinite speed adjustments up to 20.5 mph. In addition, an advanced reactivity setting means users can adjust acceleration and deceleration to suit their individual driving style or application. The EasyDrive transmission features a left hand dedicated reverse/forward shuttle and a single Go> pedal.

According to New Holland, the SuperSuite cab offers the largest interior space in the industry for comfortable operation, while the wide entry threshold provides easy access. The low profile enables the Boomer 54D to drive under a 7.9-foot opening.

Like all Boomer models, the Boomer 54D has electro hydraulically engaged rear and optional mid PTOs. A full range of front- and rear-mounted implements and mid-mount mowers are available.

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