Massey Ferguson 2700E

Massey Ferguson has unveiled its new 2700E Series of Utility tractors, which consists of two models – the MF2705E and MF2706E.

“This versatile, easy-to-use tractor series provides customers a great value to complete just about every job they have,” says Warren Morris, tactical marketing manager at AGCO. “These tractors are ideal for loader work, hay work, mowing and countless other applications. Rural lifestyle customers to demand a cost effective solution for completing chores around their property. That’s why this is the year of the utility tractor – this is one of four new utility tractor series starting production in 2015.”

The MF2705E features a 49-horsepower engine, while the MF2706E boasts a 57-horsepower mill. These tractors are also offered with two transmission choices, four-wheel drive, and five-year power train warranty coverage. Transmission options available include an 8×8 Synchro-Shuttle and a hydrostatic.

“Introducing a new generation of utility tractor presented an opportunity for more improvements,” says Morris. “The flat floor platform and intuitive controls on the 2700E Series are more comfortable and easier to operate than ever. If our customers are working hard, we want to make sure the interface with the tractor is comfortable and simple.”

Massey Ferguson says the 2700E Series is well suited to tackle many rear implement jobs, including rotary cutting, box blading, rotary tilling, and posthole digging. Both 2700E Series tractors have a three-point hitch lift capacity of 2,425 pounds. The hitch also has extendable, telescopic lower links as a part of its standard equipment.

The 2700E Series is available with the Massey Ferguson L135E front loader and the CB85 backhoe. The L135E is available with a skid steer–style, compatible, quick-attach system for buckets, forks and other loader attachments.

Massey Ferguson notes that the 2700E Series meets the EPA’s Tier 4 emissions requirements. Each tractor is powered by a 2.2liter, four-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine. Tier 4 compliance is achieved with external-cooled exhaust gas recirculation and diesel oxidation catalyst without the need for a diesel particulate filter. Similar to the systems found on the most modern large tractors and other diesel-powered machines, Massey Ferguson says this engine uses electronically controlled high-pressure, common-rail injection and turbocharging technology to increase power and fuel efficiency.

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