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When the going gets tough a 4WD tractor is what you need. It wasn’t until the 1960s that four-wheel drive tractors began to appear and it took some time before they were broadly accepted, but they are an indispensible part of agricultural work today. Having a tractor with power going to all four wheels helps is hauling heavier loads and aids in providing traction in slippery or uneven terrain.

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2016 New Holland T4.90 Review

For an agribusiness in the market for a utility tractor that is powerful, practical and comfortable, the T4 series might be well-worth considering. Read Full Story

2015 Massey Ferguson 4608 Review

On a frigid January day we made our way to Connecticut to get some seat time on the 80-horsepower Massey Ferguson 4608 with an open station platform. Read Full Story

2015 John Deere 9620R Review

John Deere's largest tractor churns out a claimed 620 horsepower, while being efficient with fuel consumption, comfortable to operate and able to deftly handle a variety of operating conditions. Read Full Story

2014 Mahindra Max 28XL 4WD Shuttle Review

Outfitted with a shuttle transmission, the Mahindra Max 28XL gets a noticeable power and performance boost over the version equipped with a hydrostatic transmission. It also costs more than $1,000 less. Read Full Story

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