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Michelin will conduct special demonstrations at the 2014 Farm Progress Show, Aug. 26-28, in Boone, Iowa, to illustrate the benefits of its YieldBib VF tires with Ultraflex technologies compared to standard radial technology row-crop tires. As well, Michelin will showcase its new 50-inch SprayBib tire.

Michelin is planning two demonstrations for the YieldBib VF tires. First is a soil compaction demo, which will feature a large, above-ground pit that is designed to demonstrate the reduced soil compaction of a tractor equipped with Michelin YieldBib tires versus an identical tractor with standard radial tire technology. This is a static display that can be seen throughout the show. Second is the Michelin Traction Challenge. This live demonstration, lasting about 20 minutes, will take place on the “Michelin Testing Grounds.” Two identical tractors will pull against each other with the goal of showing improved traction as well as better fuel efficiency with YieldBib versus standard radial technology tires.

According to Michelin, its YieldBib VF tires with Ultraflex technologies offer higher flexion capability, which requires up to 40 percent less air pressure than standard radial technology tires to carry the same load, or can support a 40 percent heavier load at the same tire pressure. Tires with lower air pressure create a longer tire footprint, resulting in less soil compaction. They also offer improved traction and durability.

At this year’s show, Michelin will also showcase a new extension of its SprayBib tire lineup – a 50-inch model that will be the industry’s first VF sprayer tire offered in this larger size. The new Michelin VF420/95R50 177D SprayBib will share all the qualities of the current 46-inch SprayBib range in the new, larger dimension designed for bigger sprayers that carry heavier loads. It will be launched in the replacement market beginning in September, 2014, and can be ordered now on the model year 2015 John Deere R4045 sprayer.