Mahindra Tractor Reviews

2018 Mahindra 1626 Review

Consumers looking for a tractor with a larger frame size than a subcompact, more lift capacity, and more premium features, the Mahindra 1626 is well worth checking out.

2018 Mahindra eMax 20 Review

The Mahindra eMax 20 is an ultra-competitive subcompact tractor perfect for the first-time homeowner.

2017 Mahindra 2538 TLB Review

After spending months testing Mahindra's 1538 TLB tractor, we decided to see how the more budget-friendly 2538 TLB compared.

2017 Mahindra eMax 25S TL Package Review

For anyone in the market for a snow removal package with four-season versatility, the Mahindra eMax 25S would be well worth considering.

2016 Mahindra 1538 TLB Long Term Review: Part 3

Over the last four months, we’ve gotten quite familiar with the Mahindra 1538, its capabilities and strengths, along with its weaknesses. Here are our final thoughts.

2016 Mahindra 1538 TLB Long Term Review: Part 2

Outside of a few minor issues, we are really enjoying our time in the Mahindra 1538 TLB.

2016 Mahindra 1538 TLB Long Term Review: Part 1

We recently picked up a Mahindra 1538, equipped with loader and backhoe, for long-term testing and early impressions are positive.

2016 Mahindra 2565 Cab Review

The flagship of Mahindra's 2500 Series, the 2565 cab tractor would make a good option for a hobby farmer looking for 65-horsepower tractor and protection from the elements.

2016 Mahindra 4540 Review

The Mahindra 4540 is a no-frills tractor with a slightly dated design, but if you can look past all that it seems like a good and affordable option for a specialty or hobby farm.

2016 Mahindra 2555 Shuttle Open Station Review

Carrying a tractor-only MSRP of $27,068 and with a five-year powertrain warranty, the Mahindra 2555 might be the perfect choice for a wide range of Ag-related, hobby farming, grounds maintenance, and municipal use.