Massey Ferguson Tractor Reviews

Massey Ferguson 1726E Gear Review

For any agribusiness, landscaper or homeowner looking for a value tractor that doesn’t compromise on performance while coming in under that EPA 25 horsepower demon, the 1726E is well worth checking out.

2015 Massey Ferguson 1759 Open Station Review

A trip to Litchfield, Conn. resulted in some seat time on the most powerful model in Massey Ferguson's 1700 Series – the 1759.

2013 Massey Ferguson 5609 Cab Tractor Review

After testing out the smaller Massey Ferguson 4608 earlier this year, we had a chance to get behind the wheel of the 100-horsepower Massey Ferguson 5609.

2013 Massey Ferguson 4608 Power Shuttle Cab Tractor Review

We got the first taste of the new Massey Ferguson 4600 and 5600 series tractors at the National Farm Machinery Show last February in Louisville and couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel when they first started hitting dealer stocks.

2013 Massey Ferguson GC1705 HST Review

Massey Ferguson rolls out an all-new subcompact series that complies with EPA Tier-4 emissions requirements and adds some welcome customer/dealer-driven ergonomic improvements – the GC1705 HST.

2012 Massey Ferguson HD Series 2660 Cab Tractor Review

Fire up the Perkins and you are immediately struck by how quiet the Massey Ferguson HD Series 2660’s 81-horsepower powerplant is.

2012 Massey Ferguson 1643 Cab Review

The Massey Ferguson 1643 is a mid-size cab tractor with a rock-solid feel no matter the conditions.

2012 Massey Ferguson GC2400 Review

Massey Ferguson’s GC 2400 subcompact tractor is a result of customer-driven feedback that requested a subcompact with big tractor performance and big tractor space. We think Massey Ferguson delivered on both counts.

2012 Massey Ferguson 1529 4WD Review

We became reacquainted with the Massey 1500 Series last year with a review of the 1526 and were so impressed that when we were offered an opportunity to give the 1529 a workout, we jumped at it.

2011 Massey Ferguson 1526 4WD Review

Massey Ferguson enters the small frame compact utility tractor marketplace with a tractor that’s sure to make the competition squirm – the 1526 4WD.