New Holland Tractor Reviews

2018 New Holland Powerstar T4.75 Review

The New Holland Powerstar T4.75 is a good fit for an agribusiness in need of a high-efficiency, high-performance 65-75 horsepower utility tractor.

2018 New Holland Workmaster 60 Review

The New Holland Workmaster 60 is a basic, no frills Utility tractor that has a long history of durability and dependability.

2018 New Holland Workmaster 25S Subcompact Preview

The New Holland Workmaster 25S subcompact tractor is based on the LS MT1 series, but gets a little extra punch that makes it uniquely New Holland.

2018 New Holland T6.175 Dynamic Command Tractor Review

An agribusiness in the market for a heavy-duty mid-class Utility tractor would be well served to check out the New Holland T6.175.

2017 New Holland Genesis T8.435 SmartTrax Review

The New Holland T8 series offers heavy-duty, ergonomically-designed models supported by a company with over 120-years of experience.

2017 New Holland Boomer 24 Review

New Holland calls its entry-level Boomer 24 subcompact tractor the ultimate power tool for homeowners, rural lifestylers, landscapers and hobby farmers.

2017 New Holland Boomer 47 Review

The New Holland Boomer 47 would be an excellent choice for a buyer requiring a 45+ horsepower compact utility tractor in a nimble-sized package.

2016 New Holland T4.90 Review

For an agribusiness in the market for a utility tractor that is powerful, practical and comfortable, the T4 series might be well-worth considering.

2016 New Holland Workmaster 33 Review

Blurring the line between value and deluxe, a New Holland Workmaster 33 might just be that perfect tractor for your needs.

2016 New Holland T5.120 Review

The New Holland T5.120 is a premium short wheelbase, mid-power tractor that is eco-friendly and conserves fuel usage.