New Holland T5

New Holland has refreshed its T5 tractor series for 2016. The updated tractors not only meet more stringent Tier 4B engine emissions regulations, but also come equipped with new features designed to boost efficiency, productivity and comfort.

According to New Holland, the new T5 Tier 4B series is a short wheelbase haymaking and loader tractor, boasting a high power-to-weight ratio and a transmission that’s optimized for loader and haymaking operations.

“New Holland is a strong brand with a loyal customer base in livestock operations, hay producers and family farms,” said Gary Wojcuk, brand marketing manager for New Holland North America. “The upgrades made to our T5 Tier 4B tractor build on that family heritage, to create a tractor that is more technologically advanced, better balanced, and more comfortable in every aspect for the operator. Styling has also been brought into line with that of the higher powered T6 and T7 series. These are nimble, agile tractors that retain the compact dimensions of the previous series, and are therefore ideally suited to loader work and other handling tasks. Their small size does not mean compromise.”

A key development is the Terraglide front suspended axle option. When paired with the optional Comfort Ride cab suspension, New Holland says farmers and operators can expect similar comfort levels to those already found on larger machines. Standard front brakes are available for true four-wheel braking performance.

New Holland T5 Loader

In the VisionView cab, New Holland arranged the controls with the tiltable and telescoping steering column to keep everything close at hand. Other cab features include a panoramic windscreen, large 200-degree wiper and enhanced stowage with the addition of a storage box to the left of the operator’s seat.

Externally, night vision is improved with new high power LED work lights. The optional 4 LED lights provide 7,800 lumens and a broader spread of white light.

The T5 Series also offers optional ISOBUS Class 2 capability, allowing users to monitor and control all implements using the optional IntelliView III or IV monitor for single screen operation.

The option of new mechanical or electrohydraulic joysticks with integrated transmission shifting is aimed at making operation easier, and more efficient, for those who fit their T5 with a loader. These provide transmission and loader function buttons on the one unit.

Also new is an optional AutoShift function, which includes Auto Transport and Auto Field modes to improve the functionality of the standard Electro Command transmission. For roadwork, operator input can be reduced by simplified gear changing in Auto Transport mode, which can reduce fuel consumption. In the field, performance and economy during PTO and draft operations can be optimized with Auto Field mode, which manages both engine speed and transmission gear.

The new New Holland T5 series is available in two models: the 107hp T5.110 and the 117hp T5.120, with respective maximum torque figures at 1,500rpm of 345 and 362 lb-ft.

Each model is equipped with the 3.4-litre Common Rail F5G engine with ECOBlue Compact HI-eSCR technology and Low rate EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation).

The rear three-point linkage capacity has been raised to 8,084 lbs, while remote valve layout has been improved for easier coupling.

Improvements to the chassis have allowed gross vehicle weight to be raised from 16,320 lbs to 17,637 lbs, and a new fixed heavy-duty front axle option allows the fitment of 28-inch front tires.

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