2011 Kioti CK20S HST Overview

Easy to operate and tough compact tractor

By Matthew Elmer, Photography by Kioti, Mar 28, 2011
Looking for a compact tractor that won’t break the bank? Since 2003 Kioti USA has been building the CK20 tractor series and it might be just what you’re looking for. The CK20S HST should be on your wish list if you need a great all around estate tractor.

In the agricultural world tractor companies who’ve been around longer are typically associated with better quality products. Kioti has been building and selling compact Tractors in the United States since 1986.

Starting in the smallest size category we find the CK20 series. Don’t be fooled by the size of the machines though, with plenty of work and convenience features, these tractors are ready to work.

Kioti CK20S HST Overview

The CK20S HST gets its power from the Kioti three cylinder 22 hp motor. That powerplant runs up to a rated engine speed of 2,800 which translates into plenty of pulling, pushing, and driving power.

This driving power comes from the unit’s Hydrostatic transmission. This allows you to change between forward and reverse driving without clutching or hand shifting – Keeping you moving and your hands free to control other aspects of the tractors operation.

Kioti CK20S HST Overview

This transmission pushes the tractor in selectable two and four wheel drive modes for any type of terrain or weather. Coupled with an on-demand lockable differential, this 4WD system gives you the extra traction to get out of any situation.

Smooth drive system operation is coupled with a comfortable operating station (which even includes a cup holder!) on the CK20S. This ergonomic set-up starts with the unit’s deluxe seat which is fully adjustable and features a suspension system to keep you from bouncing around in any terrain or working situation – standard seatbelt is there though, just in case. From the seat you have a comfortable resting position for your feet on the flat deck design and, when you need to, the clutch and brake pedals have been suspended for simple operation.

In front of the driver is an easy-to-read instrument panel. This gives you tachometer, hour meter, fuel, and temperature readings at a glance.

All those levers around the seat may look confusing but they each serve a purpose. To the left of the seat you’ll find the HST range selection lever to let you choose between high, neutral, and low ranges. Just ahead of the seat to the right is the single lever joy stick control which controls all the functions of the front-end loader. Below the seat the CK20S features an MLS valve, controls to operate the parking brake, and the cruise control lock. The MLS allows you to change-up the speed of the 3-point hitch and therefore making it easier to adjust.

Kioti CK20S HST Overview

That three-point has a lift capacity of 1,305 lbs. A very high lift capacity with easily adjustable heights means you can work with bigger implements and use them more effectively.

The lift capacity is dependent on the amount of hydraulic fluid which can be pumped into the cylinders during operation. The CK20S has a high-capacity pump which provides increased power and moves 7.66 gpm for both the implements and the hydraulic power steering.

This turns the front wheels which are attached to the machine’s heavy duty front axle which has been beefed up to take the strain from the front-end loader.

Other features for working on this compact tractor include the rear PTO, tool box, and optional mid-PTO. The PTO’s on the CK20S are rated at 16.2 hp and turn at 540 rpm when the engine is turning 2,646 rpm – the optional mid PTO can turn 2,000 rpm at this same speed.

Kioti CK20S HST Overview

The CK20S is ideal for someone who needs a powerful compact tractor that can work and be stored in tight spaces. The unit measures in at an overall length of 105.7 inches and is 44.1 inches wide. The unit also features a lower height as well as a folding ROPS (roll over protection system).

Once you’re done the work and the unit is stored it’s time to do some maintenance – something no one likes to do. Kioti has design features with you in mind when it comes to maintaining and working on the tractor.

The fully liftable hood gets up and out of the way while you’re working and, with removable side panels as well, you can get at any part of the motor. Other nice under-hood features include the high mounted easily accessible air filter cartridge in front of the radiator and the conveniently located fuel filter.

Easy to operate and tough. Is there a reason you haven’t looked at a Kioti tractor yet? No? Well then check out the Kioti CK20S HST and let the machine speak for itself.

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