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Tractor Technology Keeps the Industry Moving

By Geof Fowler

Case IH Steiger 600 TractorMore horsepower, higher flow hydraulics, electronic wizardry, more creature comforts, a new take on old technology and new sources of power all coming your way.

With productivity demands pushing large Ag tractor horsepower numbers to the point where peak ratings as high as 660 in 4WD machines and 389 in row-crop machines are no longer unheard of, the big news coming your way is ‘bigger isn’t better’ is out. Already, hydraulic flows as high as 113 gpm, 3PH lift capacities in excess of 10-tons, GPS guidance, field mapping telemetry options, and automated steering are solidly redefining farming today.

2012 will be no different, but what will be particularly interesting to follow is how the trickle down of these technologies will impact smaller utility tractor market all the way down to everyday lawn and garden machines. Read on and we’ll discuss some of the trends we expect to come in 2012 and beyond.

Our Favorite Tractors of the Year

Top Tractors of 2011By Geof Fowler

Although the final numbers aren’t in, 2011 is shaping up as a good year for the tractor industry. Leading the increased demand is the large farm tractor segment which after a year of postponed purchases attributed to the added cost of Interim Tier 4 engines (as much as a 9% increase to sticker prices) has bounced back. High horsepower, high flow hydraulics, GPS, field mapping and telemetry options, automated steering and 4WD all are in demand. It won’t be long before we see the trickledown of these new improvements to the Utility (UT), Compact Utility (CUT), Subcompact Utility (SCUT) and even Lawn and Garden (LGT) and Garden Tractor (GT) industry segments. We can hardly wait to see what 2012 will bring.

In 2011 we were treated to a taste of new designs as well as machines from manufacturers who understood they had a good thing going and didn’t tinker with the recipe. In that vein, we introduce you to our pick for the Top Ten Tractors of 2011.

10 Gifts for your Favorite Tractor Owner

By Geof Fowler

The holiday season is here and it’s time to hit the stores to buy that special someone a memorable gift. If your special someone likes to tinker with tractors, why not give them something they can really use? Our list includes ten gift ideas for that special tinkerer in your life that won’t break the bank and if you chose one or more we’re confident your present won’t end up as next years regift.

2011 John Deere 1026R

By Geof Fowler, Photos by John Deere

With its 2305 model a bestseller and a standout amongst a field of stellar competitors, John Deere raises the bar with the new 1026R and gets our designation as Tractor of the Year (TOTY).

Harlan and Ed couldn’t be more different. Harlan is a self-employed machinist who, along with his wife Rita, raises and boards horses. Ed is an actuary for a major insurance company who teaches at a local community college and, in his spare time, maintains an eight-acre mini-estate. Both sit on our guest judge panel and participated in this year’s Tractor of the Year selection.

Says Ed, who already owed a John Deere 2305: “The 2305 was the perfect tractor—almost. It did everything it was asked of, but there were always little things you wished Deere had included. The 1026R addresses that list and more.”

While Ed and his wife muck stables and put their sub compact tractor (SCUT) through the daily dirty task of maintaining their stables, Harlan maintains his mini-estate with a shiny orange Kubota BX23 that we’re not sure has seen a drop of rain. His views were less from the capability side, although that was important, and more to the ease of use. Says Harlan: “I just want to use the tractor when I need to and not bloody my knuckles in the process.”

But the two from their divergent viewpoints both agreed on ten reasons the all new John Deere 1026R is our 2011 TOTY.

While most people would opt for a traditional car or perhaps even splurge for a rented limo, a farmer in England surprised many of his guests when he arrived at his wedding in his tractor.

According to a story in the Manchester Evening News, Mark Hazlehurst and his bride Katie Brayshaw decided their wedding would feature a farming theme.

“Right from the start Mark said he’d be going on a tractor and it didn’t really surprise me,” Brayshaw told the Manchester Evening News. “He just loves his job. I have horses and we live on a farm so we thought it would be nice. It’s not every day you see a tractor at a church.”

The John Deere Foundation, the main philanthropic organization of Deere & Company, has approved a grant of $1 million to the Red Cross organization to support relief efforts in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami that devastated portions of that country.

In addition, the John Deere Foundation will match Deere employee contributions to the Japan relief effort up to an additional $500,000.

“The tragic events in Japan have profoundly affected people around the world,” says Samuel R. Allen, chairman and chief executive officer, Deere & Company. “We are deeply saddened when a disaster of this magnitude causes so much destruction and loss of life. The support of the John Deere Foundation will assist the Red Cross as it helps the Japanese people during this difficult recovery.”

The John Deere Foundation support announced today is in addition to annual contributions of $250,000 each that the Foundation makes to the American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund and the International Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

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