By Geof Fowler

The holiday season is here and it’s time to hit the stores to buy that special someone a memorable gift. If your special someone likes to tinker with tractors, why not give them something they can really use? Our list includes ten gift ideas for that special tinkerer in your life that won’t break the bank and if you chose one or more we’re confident your present won’t end up as next years regift.

Banged up and bruised knuckles are a thing of the past with Mechanix work gloves that breathe, protect and keep your hands warm while working in the shop, shed or garage. Buy it here.

This 77-piece socket set from Apollo includes all the tools he will need to tinker all in a neat, organized case. This is sure to be a needed and appreciated gift. Buy it here.

There’s nothing more frustrating on a cold winter morning than a dead battery. The Stanley J309 Battery Booster provides plenty of cold-cranking amps to get that special tinkerer up and going. Buy it here.

This one is a little more expensive, but in this category, you get what you pay for. The 2216-20 multimeter is professional grade through and through and is just the tool to chase down that nasty electrical short circuit. Buy it here.

Back in the day we called them Suicide Knobs and for good reason, but on a slower speed tractor the Good Vibrations Meteor Easy Rider Tight Turn Steering Knob makes for less effort on the job. We especially like the Easy Rider model. Buy it here.

The NorTrak Category 1 Three Point Quick Hitch takes the wrestle out of attaching 3PH implements. It’s not quite a stocking stuffer, but it would look great wrapped and under the tree. Buy it here.

There’s no such thing as enough storage, but this 20” tool box from Larin will go a long way to helping keep what you need close by. Buy it here.

Don’t let debris in your fuel tank spoil the day. This Inexpensive funnel is a great stocking stuffer. Buy it here.

Grease guns never go out of style, but one with a flexible hose will quickly gain favored bench top status after the first use. Buy it here.

Though it’s an inexpensive stocking stuffer, the Milton Tractor Tire Gauge is sure to be a big hit. Buy it here.

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