Zombie TractorTractors and video games don’t exactly have a long, storied history together. However, add zombies to any half-baked idea and you can’t really lose. That’s exactly the formula used by the makers of Zombie Tractor, a free online video game we recently discovered.

Zombie Tractor is about as simple a video game as you’ll find anywhere. You only need the arrow keys and the “z” key (nitro!) to navigate the zombie-filled landscape. As far as we could tell, the only objective is to run over the undead with your tractor. We didn’t exactly play for hours, but in our experience the zombies put up no resistance and don’t ever try to get in the tractor and feast on your delicious brain. You do have to keep the tractor upright, but hopefully you already do that in real life.

Mowing down zombies rewards you with money, which you can use to soup up your tractor with better tires, improved lighting and more power. We suspect your crops will also benefit from the nutrient-rich decomposing zombies, but offer no guarantees.

We got through five levels of Zombie Tractor before getting enough sideways glances from coworkers to make us feel uncomfortable about playing video games at work and quit. It looks like 12 levels are offered, but it’s quite possible you’ll find a new set of levels after completing these.

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