Challenger M7000E Track Tractor

Challenger is extanding its track tractor offerings with its new MT700E Series, available in three models ranging from 350 to 400 engine HP.

“Our customers value efficiency,” says Conor Bergin, product marketing manager, High Horsepower Tractors. “They’re looking for a tractor that can make short work of high-horsepower tasks while providing maximum fuel economy and minimal field compaction. Our new Challenger E Series and the three new MT700E track tractors deliver optimum power transfer, outstanding fuel efficiency, and best-in-class traction and flotation with a smooth, comfortable ride.”

Between its new AGCO POWER 98 diesel engine, Mobil-trac undercarriage system, redesigned hydraulics, and rugged drawbar and three-point hitch, Challenger says its MT700E Series delivers “unparalleled performance.”

Specifically designed for agricultural applications, Challenger says the AGCO POWER 98, a 9.8L, seven-cylinder diesel engine offers a long torque curve and high torque rise at low RPMs.

“AGCO POWER engines help operators accomplish more work per gallon of fuel,” says Bergin. “That makes the MT700E Series a top choice for today’s growers.”

The seven-cylinder design is backed by five years of field testing and features common components across the AGCO POWER family engine line and a 500-hour engine service interval.

The Challenger Mobil-trac system is designed to put more power to the ground with a patented undercarriage design. In addition, Challenger boasts oscillating mid-wheels outperform rigid competitive track designs, leaving a lighter footprint to reduce compaction in the field.

“Field compaction can quickly limit yield potential,” says Bergin. “The unique Mobil-trac design improves flotation. Growers benefit from better stands, a more profitable harvest and the smoothest ride in the industry.”

This new Challenger E series expands to three models with the MT755E (350 HP), the MT765E (375 HP) and the MT775E (400 HP).

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