2014 Polaris Ranger Diesel HST Beauty

Polaris has unveiled a pair of new Ranger Side-by-Sides with many attributes familiar to tractor users – the Ranger Diesel HST and Ranger Diesel HST Deluxe.

The new Ranger vehicles are equipped with diesel power, hydrostatic transmission, treadle pedal, multi-link coil over De Dion rear suspension, and full climate control (standard on the Ranger Diesel HST Deluxe).

“Polaris continues to innovate our product offerings to provide solutions to a wide variety of customer needs,” says David Longren, vice president of Polaris’ Off-Road Division. “In developing the Ranger Diesel HST and Ranger Diesel HST Deluxe, we wanted to create vehicles that offered maximum comfort and ease-of-use to cater to the needs of the agricultural or rural lifestyle customer.”

At the heart of the new Rangers is a 24-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine with a hydrostatic transmission. The transmission also features an engine braking system designed to deliver smooth and even deceleration while carrying a load. The Ranger Diesel HST and Ranger Diesel HST Deluxe also feature Polaris’ On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive, which automatically engages all four wheels when more forward traction is needed and reverts back to two-wheel drive when the traction is no longer needed.

2014 Polaris Ranger Diesel HST Treadle Pedal

Polaris boasts that the new Rangers have the only treadle pedal in the industry. A treadle pedal allows for travel in forward or reverse without shifting gears or taking hands off the wheel. As well, the vehicles are equipped with a 90 amp alternator that provides what Polaris calls “best-in-class power for cold-weather starting” while also giving the operator the ability to power several accessories at once.

Polaris chose to outfit the Ranger Diesel HST and Ranger Diesel HST Deluxe with multi-link coil over De Dion rear suspension. This suspension supports a 1,250-pound cargo capacity and minimizes suspension sag when fully loaded. It is also designed to maintain ground clearance when trailering with its 2,000-pound towing capacity. An extended length, pallet-sized rear dump box, with gas-assist lift on Ranger Diesel HST and electric lift on the Ranger Diesel HST Deluxe, provides space for hauling and features Polaris’ Lock & Ride cargo system for easy installation and removal of accessories.

2014 Polaris Ranger Diesel HST Deluxe

Both the Ranger Diesel HST and Ranger Diesel HST Deluxe come standard with Hydraulic Power Steering to help minimize driver fatigue. Other comfort features include tilt steering with the 10 inches of motion, extra legroom, foot rests, larger seat width, and easy cab ingress and egress.

Of course, for the ultimate in operator comfort in any weather, the Ranger Diesel HST Deluxe comes equipped with a fully enclosed, factory-installed cab with climate control including heat, defrost and air conditioning, and features 180-degree opening doors. A full line of cab, storage and vehicle protection accessories also are available.

The Ranger Diesel HST ($15,199) and Ranger Diesel HST Deluxe ($20,999) will be offered in Sage Green and will be available at Polaris dealerships in April.

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