2015 John Deere 8000 Series SPFH

John Deere says its new 8000 Series self-propelled forage harvesters (SPFH) offers significant improvements in dependability and fuel efficiency and combines rugged dependability and sophisticated crop analysis technology.

“The 8000 Series builds upon the best features of our popular 7000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters,” says Shaun Fritchey, marketing representative, John Deere Ottumwa Works. “This new series integrates cutting-edge crop analysis and documentation with an innovative machine design to provide superior efficiency, reliability and crop quality.”

The bottom line at harvest is to get the most high-quality forage out of the field as possible, with the least amount of time and expense. To help achieve that goal, the 8000 Series is outfitted with DuraDrum cutterheads and KernelStar technology for excellent corn silage processing. The AutoLOC (automatic length of cut) feature allows the operator to dial in the precise cutting length based on forage conditions.

2015 John Deere Tractor Lineup Unveiled

Two cutterhead widths, matched to engine horsepower, are available, so capacity can be customized. All-new header solutions and crop-flow layouts increase flexibility among different crops and are designed to provide better performance in wet or dry conditions. Deere says the large 42-inch tires reduce compaction while providing excellent traction. As well, the 8000 Series reduces fuel consumption as much as 18 percent compared to prior year models.

Operator comfort also has been improved, with superior visibility from the cab, as well as longer service cycles, less daily maintenance and easier access to service points. Other features include the GreenStar 2630 with touchscreen display and all functions conveniently located in the CommandARM, Remote Display Access and AutoTrac with RowSense. Technologies such as Harvest Lab, HarvestDoc, and other software applications as part of the John Deere FarmSight platform provide easy access to equipment and agronomic information.

“The 8000 Series is designed from the bottom up to help producers maximize harvest efficiency and crop quality,” says Fritchey. “Repeated field research has documented consistent chopping quality in all crops. And, more machine productivity coupled with increased fuel efficiency in all crops makes the 8000 Series a top choice for custom operators or dairy and feedlot operations.”

Growers can choose among four single-engine models with standard crop-flow channels:

8100, 380 horsepower, John Deere 9-liter engine
8200, 430 horsepower, John Deere 9-liter engine
8400, 540 horsepower, John Deere 13.5-liter engine
8500, 585 horsepower, John Deere 13.5-liter engine
An additional model with a wide crop-flow channel is available, the 8600, 626-horsepower with a John Deere 13.5-liter engine.

“Forage producers lose money each day their crop sits in field after it’s ready for harvest,” says Fritchey. “The 8000 Series maximizes productivity on every acre by enabling them to harvest as much forage as possible, as efficiently as possible.”

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