New Holland T8435

New Holland has upgraded the T8 Series with its ECOBlue Hi-eSCR technology for compliance with Tier 4B emissions standards. The entire range is more powerful than its predecessor.

“The T8 Series is the most powerful conventional tractor in the world,” says Luca Mainardi, head of Tractor and Precision Land Management Product Management, “and with the ECOBlue Hi-eSCR technology their performance has improved even further. Our longsighted approach to emissions standards, adopting at an early stage SCR for our machines above 120 hp, is delivering great advantages for our customers and it has proved to be the right choice, as this technology is now accepted as the industry standard for high horsepower equipment.”

The Cursor engine from FPT is the heart of every T8 Series. The rated and maximum powers have been increased on all five models of the range. For demanding hydraulic, PTO and transport applications, Engine Power Management delivers up to 71 extra horsepower. For example, the T8.320 is rated at 250hp, but with EPM will produce up to 320hp when it is needed.

This improvement in performance has been achieved while maintaining operating costs and fuel consumption at the levels of the previous Tier 4A T8 Series.

The Cursor engine is tuned to work in harmony with the Auto Command transmission. It features four points of full mechanical drive, and never less than 50% mechanical drive, coupled with the four automated operating modes.

The Intelliview IV monitor, now standard on T8 tractors, introduces setting improvements that enhance operating convenience, such as simplified setting and adjustment of the pull away gear, and the provision of pop-up messages to confirm adjustments made.

The new Multi Function Handle has more responsive, reduced effort keys that are backlit for better night time visibility. On Ultra Command models, Ground Speed Management target speeds are set with a thumb wheel.

Access to the right hand window is now easier, thanks to better placed steps and grab handles. The toolbox and service points have been moved to maintenance operations are more easily. The air filter and air intake have been relocated to the left side of the tractor, where incoming air is cleaner, resulting in longer life for the filters.

New Holland also showed off a T8435 SmartTrax. This option has been developed to fulfil the needs of customers who believe that track systems are right for their farming operation, but possibly see limitations in the twin track concept. New Holland SmartTrax combines the tractive advantages of track units with the manoeuvrability control of a front axle, and the ride comfort advantage of front axle suspension. A limited number of European configuration units will be worked and evaluated in our soil conditions this spring, in preparation for the full launch of the option, which is planned for later in the year.

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