Mitas VS 710 HC 3000

Mitas has introduced a new VF 710/70R42 CFO HC 3000 combine harvester tire, using its Very High Flexion (VF) technology.

Mitas says its HC 3000 tires offer higher maximum load capacity and lower inflation pressure during cyclic field operation than competitive tires.

“Mitas is the leader in the harvester tire segment. Close to 50% of new harvesters in Europe are fitted with tires produced by Mitas,“ says Andrew Mabin, Mitas’ marketing and sales director. “With the new Mitas VF HC 3000, we would like show that through innovations and the constant introduction of new products we will maintain this position by offering the best product in its class.”

According to Mitas, the VF 710/70R42 CFO HC 3000 boasts 26% less inflation pressure than a standard combine tire during cyclic field operation, which means less soil compaction. Mitas also notes that the HC 3000 has a narrower section width, which increases mobility.

“Mitas now offers a full range of tires using VF technology. Besides HC 3000 tires designed for harvesters, Mitas also offers HC 1000 for sprayers and HC 2000 tires for high-horsepower tractors,” says Pavel Kott, Mitas’ agricultural tires product manager.

Mitas VF 710/70R42 CFO (Cyclic Field Operation) HC 3000 has a ‘B’ speed category, allowing speeds of up to 31 mph. The new HC 3000 is capable of carrying loads of up to 31,550 lbs (9 mph cyclic). Mitas Very High Flexion tires are produced at the Mitas factories in Charles City, Iowa, and Otrokovice, Czech Republic.

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