New Holland Forage Cruiser

For model year 2016, New Holland has expanded its lineup of FR Forage Cruiser self-propelled forage harvesters.

Powering the units are new engines with horsepower ranging from 476 to 775 and ECOBlue Hi-eSCR Tier 4B technology. The top model retains the 20.1 liter 824hp engine.

“The performance and efficiency of the FR Forage Cruisers represent the culmination of over 50 years of experience in the forage harvesting industry and are a testament to New Holland’s commitment to innovation,” says Ron Shaffer, New Holland’s Director of Specialty Business Units and West Region Sales for North America. “The new FR Forage Cruiser builds on this strong heritage to deliver the productivity, efficiency, and comfort that large scale contractors require.”

The new FR Forage Cruiser features the largest cutter head in the industry; both in width and diameter. The cutter head is available in three configurations to match the specific chopping requirements: 2×8, 2×10 and 2×12 knives for a length of cut range of 6 to 33 mm, 5 to 27 mm and 4 to 22 mm, respectively.

Large processing rolls, the widest in the industry at 29.5 inches wide, maximize throughput. New Holland says its exclusive Variflow system enables the operator to change from grass to corn configuration and back, as well as optimizing crop flow in difficult to blow conditions for maximum throughput.

The new FR Forage Cruiser further improves on the spout, which now features full-length replaceable top and side liners, a new hard-faced flipper, stronger flipper cylinder and improved spout base lubrication.

New Holland notes that the combined effect of the new Cursor engines and the ECOBlue Hi-eSCR technology enables the new FR models to use on average 13% less fuel than the equivalent Tier 3 model at the same length of cut. A new standard ECO mode setting can reduce fuel consumption in field conditions where it is not possible to load the engine fully. When engaged, the intelligent engine management system controls the engine’s speed and reactivity to minimize fuel use.

The new cab of the new FR Forage Cruiser provides 360-degree panoramic visibility, with curved windows offering a view of the header and spout. The new Deluxe air-suspended seat features automatic weight adjustment and variable shock absorption. The new slim steering column with a double-jointed design, according to New Holland, makes it easy to position the steering wheel for the best view of the header and maximum comfort.

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