Krone Swadro Rotary Rake

Krone has unveiled its new generation of Swadro rotary rakes, including the Swadro Trailed Center (TC) and Swadro Trailed Side (TS) models.

According to Krone, the new rotary rakes are ideal for medium to large dry hay or silage producers who require even and consistent windrows.

“Krone has taken the strongest lineup of rotary rakes on the market to the next level,” said Brent Raines, Krone Territory Product Manager. “The new Swadro TS and TC rakes incorporate proven, reliable features that producers have come to expect from Krone and built upon that.”

Krone boasts that the Swadro TS rakes have the capability of making one or two windrows and raise over 19 inches for high ground clearance during headland turns so windrows are not damaged.  In addition, the leading rotor rotates at higher speeds than the other rotors, which Krone says ensures greater efficiency and throughputs.

“The Swadro TS rakes also enhance flexibility in allowing growers to change from single windrow formation to double in less than one minute,” said Raines.

The Swadro TC rakes form one windrow down the center of the rotors. The new feature on all Swadro TC models is manual height adjustment located on the rotor with a height indicator displaying the current adjustment.

All of the new generation models feature a new curved tine design that picks the crop off the ground to minimize contamination and improve the forage quality.

“The new lift tines provide cleaner raking and pick up heavier material,” said Raines. “Improved capacity and lower horsepower requirements have drawn very positive comments from producers that have had the opportunity to put the new Swadro models through their paces.”

All new Swadro models have a reduced transport height of less than 13 feet.

Swadro Rotary Rake Models (Name – Working Width – PTO HP Required)

Swadro TS 680 Twin – 22’4” – 25’ – 60 hp

Swadro TS 740 Twin – 24’3” – 26’10” – 70 hp

Swadro TC 760 – 22’4” – 24’11” – 60 hp

Swadro TC 880 – 24’11” – 28’11” – 70 hp

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