Krone Forage Harvester

Krone is expanding its line of forage harvesters to include four new models of the BiG X. The BiG X 480, 530, 580 and 630 round out the range of the BiG X line with 489, 523, 585 and 617 horsepower, respectively.

“The new BiG X models were tested extensively in North America,” said Jim Mandes, northern region sales manager. “Capitalizing on the reputation of the BiG X 700, 850 and 1100, these machines will allow Krone to offer machines to operations that have lower horsepower requirements and provide the same exceptional forage quality, reliability and production.”

Krone says the exterior of the new models have been redesigned in order to increase visibility and function. The sloped body and low rear end allow the operator to better see behind and to the side.

All hydraulic components and the on-board air compressor are located conveniently by the steps for easy access.

To maintain the quality of chop, Krone revised the crop flow components to meet the machine’s lower horsepower requirements. This includes narrowing the width of the feed rolls while maintaining the six rolls to ensure an evenly compacted crop mat.

At over two feet wide and over two feet in diameter, the MaxFlow cutting drum has been designed specifically to handle the engine outputs of the BiG X 480 to 630 models. The 480 and 530 models come standard with 20 knives, and the 580 and 630 models come with a choice of 20 or 28 knives. The new knife arrangement below the knife carrier frees up extra carrying space, allowing more throughput and smooth operation.

The new, lower horsepower BiG X models feature a MTU R6 Tier 4 final engine that is transversely mounted. The two main advantages of having the engine mounted in this direction are that it allows for an ideal weight distribution and provides for a direct line of power transfer to the chopping drum.

Krone offers PowerSplit on the BiG X 530 and 630 models. PowerSplit is an intelligent electronic engine management system that automatically adjusts the engine output to the current harvest conditions. In the field, the operator has the choice of two modes, Eco-Power and X-Power. For applications that need less input power, such as second cuttings, the fuel efficient Eco-Power mode can be used. Krone says X-Power is best utilized when maximum power is needed, such as high yielding corn, giving the BiG X an unprecedented power dimension.

Four Bosch wheel motors allow transport speeds up to 25 mph and infinite variable speed generates maximum traction and speed control. The independent rear wheel suspension leads to a smooth ride and a very tight turning radius.

A new pendulum frame is designed to make it easier to mount the heads to the BiG X, especially on uneven ground. The frame features rollers on the pendulum and the feed roll cabinet has a pivoting frame for simple mounting. The heads designed for the BiG X 480 and BiG X 580 now have a quick coupler driveline.

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