NAEDA Dealer Manufacturer Relations Survey

According to the results from the North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA) 2012 Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survery, Mahindra USA was among the top performers. Ranking among the top three in overall dealer satisfaction, Mahindra USA led in four categories: marketing and advertising support, product technical support, warranty payments and return privileges.

Mahindra USA feels the results of this survey help reinforce the effectiveness of Mahindra USA’s long-term strategy of creating a partnership with its dealers.

“The strong rapport between dealers and Mahindra USA creates a multi-layered support system for customers leading to 98 percent brand loyalty and 97 percent customer satisfaction ratings from Mahindra tractor owners,” Mahindra USA says in a release.

“Our dealer-first and customer-driven strategies are key to Mahindra USA’s strong growth since entering the North American tractor market in 1994,” says Cleo Franklin, vice-president marketing and strategic planning, Mahindra USA. “We view our dealer network as a strategic partner and value their contribution to our continued success.”

Mahindra USA says that dealer and customer feedback was a major force behind the recent redesign of the Mahindra USA website. The website recently received top honors by the American Marketing Association.

The NAEDA Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey was conducted via an email survey of NAEDA-member dealers in the United States and Canada. The survey was comprised using evaluations from more than 1,900 dealers.