2012 Kioti CS2410 HST Review

Kioti enters the ultracompetitive subcompact tractor market in a big way

By Geoff Fowler, Photography by Kioti, May 04, 2012
Subcompact tractors are great machines for homeowners with acreage, hobby farmers, horse owners, contractors with the need to get into tight spaces and just about anyone desiring big tractor features in a small package. The timing of the creation of this segment of the tractor marketplace is a little blurry, but credit Kubota with its well-known BX series. John Deere followed and soon just about every manufacturer with the exception of Kioti offered a subcompact, or even subcompact series, but now that has changed with the introduction of the Kioti CS2410.

Every CS2410 begins with a heavy duty robotically welded steel frame into which a Daedong S773L 69 cubic inch three-cylinder diesel is inserted. The S773L makes 24.5 gross horsepower and 19.4 at the power take off (PTO). This is accomplished at 3,000 rpm, which is slightly higher than the competition but well within reason. Service is especially easy due to a hood design which opens 60 degrees and allows access to the air filter, fluid service, fuses, and electrical components.

2012 Kioti CS2410 Right Side

Power to the two-range hydrostatic transmission is delivered via shaft and, with the aforementioned 3,000 rpm engine speed, translates to a class-leading 0-10.31 mph forward and 0-6.96 mph reverse speed. Control is through a two-pedal arrangement that our testers all agreed was ergonomically positioned and nicely modulated. Fluid flow from the transmission is rated at 6.5 gpm, giving the three-point hitch (3PH) a lift capacity that is rated at 700 lbs. at the industry standard of 24”. Position control is standard and a real time saver when the tractor is used in conditions requiring return to a constant position.

2012 Kioti CS2410 with Loader

The mostly flat operators’ platform is rubber isolated and easily accessible from either side. Controls are color coordinated and thoughtfully laid out. The 4WD lever is just below the operator’s knee, the hydrostat range control is on the left fenderwell along with the rear and mid PTO controls (which can be operated independently of each other or at the same time) and the mower lift height adjustment lever. Levers for the wet disc PTO engagement and 3PH position control are located in the right fenderwell. Differential lock is accessed by the operator’s left heel. We found the high-back seat to be comfortable and the seatbelt retracts nicely in automotive fashion. The digital gauge package is illuminated the moment the engine is started and includes a tachometer, fuel and temperature gauges, along with warning lights for low fuel and overheat conditions. There is also a 12-volt power outlet to power your favorite portable accessory.

The hood is of the sloping design we prefer and offers excellent visibility. That excellent visibility is not hampered by the lack of daylight either as the CS2410 is equipped with bright 55W headlamps positioned to illuminate in a wide pattern. Power steering is standard and quite effortless, even when operating the tractor with a fully loaded bucket (more on this later). The brake pedal is controlled by the operator’s left foot, which is a more practical set up than some of the competition. When it comes to the roll over protection system (ROPS), Kioti has chosen not to skimp and equips the CS2410 with a foldable upper hoop.

Our test tractor was equipped with the SM2410 mid mount mower deck (the only deck currently available). The SM2410 is a 60” three-bladed side-discharge deck and is a brand new design tailored specifically to the CS2410 and we can tell you it cuts extremely well. With a cutting height that is adjustable from 1” – 4” and lifts hydraulically, it is sure to have the position that fits the owner’s needs no matter what the condition. We were able to take the CS2410 into overgrown and somewhat wet grass and it chewed through it with barely a ripple in the tachometer reading and leaving a surprisingly tiny amount of windrows. Take it to a more reasonable homeowner-like situation and the cut is right up there with the best we’ve tested. The SM2410 can also be outfitted at the same time as the optional loader and backhoe.

2012 Kioti CS2410 with Backhoe

And speaking of the loader, we also had the opportunity to move a good sized pile of gravel using the optional SL2410 loader. Bucket operation was quick even from idle, with the exception being of raising the boom from the ground to full lift height, which is to be expected. And when the engine was throttled up, performance was certainly on par with the best performing competitor machines in this category. The lift height was quite good as well at 71.3”, which is again among the highest in the subcompact category. Lift capacity is rated at 675.3 lbs and with only one bucket size (48”), matched well to the tractor/loader combination. The joystick control on the loader boom isn’t our most preferred location, but all of our testers found the position comfortable enough. Even in tight positions having to turn and move the bucket at the same time, the power steering and implement flow was plenty sufficient.

As mentioned above, a backhoe is also offered. Given the designation SL2410, the backhoe has an 84” digging depth and is offered with 8”, 12” and 16” bucket options.

The CS2410 rides on your choice of turf, Ag or industrial tires (ours was equipped with industrials) size 18x8.5-10 in the front and 26x12.0-12 in the rear. With a 98.1” overall length, 55.1” wheelbase, wet weight of 1485 lbs, and a non-commercial warranty of 48 months, this just may be that subcompact tractor you’ve been dreaming of. If you are in the market for a machine of this size and class, check out the CS2410 (coming to dealer stocks early this month). We think you’ll be glad you did.

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