We first tested the Kioti CK2510 in April 2014 and were impressed at the improvements made over the previous generation CK20S. The CK2510 is a small frame compact utility tractor (CUT) with enough power to get the job done, but sized to fit in tight quarters and perfect for tasks such as snow removal. When the good folks at Lock Stock & Barrel in Bethany, Conn. alerted us that they had just received a CK2510 with a snowblower and factory installed cab (more on this later), we knew our readers would be interested in this combination.

2016 Kioti CK2510 Beauty

The CK2510 is powered by a Daedong 3A165LWB three-cylinder, 100-cubic-inch engine making 24.5 hp at 2600 rpm. Either a 6F x 2R mechanical gear transmission or a two-range HST transmission, as our test tractor was so equipped, are available. Hydraulics are through a tandem pump arrangement flowing 11.3 gpm and ample enough to drive the power steering system under any imaginable condition while delivering a 1203 lbs of lift capacity to the Cat I three-point hitch (3PH) at the industry standard of 24” aft of hitch. Position control is standard, so an implement can be returned to a selectable position time after time. Lower link arm ends are fixed with turnbuckle adjustable outboard stabilizers. A live, 540 rpm rear power take-off (PTO) is standard with an optional 2000 rpm mid-PTO available. When so equipped, the PTOs can be operated independently or together, as in the case of a front blower and rear salt spreader.

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2016 Kioti CK2510 Rear

Speed range for hydro-equipped tractors is 0-10.7 mph forward and 0-7.46 mph reverse. Ag (R1), turf (R3) and industrial (R4) tires are available. Our test tractor was outfitted with 23×8.5-12 front and 12-16.5 rear R4 tires riding on a 59.8” wheelbase. Dimensions are 109” long by 49.2” wide with 82.8” high to the top of the ROPS. We didn’t get to measure the height to the top of the cab, nor does Kioti literature list this, but estimate the height within a few inches of the ROPS model. Ground clearance remains 13.4” and the turn radius (using brakes) is 8.3’.

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Our test tractor was outfitted with the cab installed at the factory. Typically, this would be a field (dealer) install option, but the factory had prepped the tractor for the Empire Farm Days show in Seneca Falls, NY, before shipping it to Lock Stock & Barrel. The cab has an opening front windshield and an opening rear window. Both doors open and swing wide for access from either side, though entering from the right side is a little tight stepping over the treadle pedal and getting around the loader joystick. The joystick is nicely integrated into the right fender cowl. To keep sound levels down inside the cab, Kioti supplies an insulation package which wraps the engine cowl as well as the space over the HST unit below the seat. The insulation package has a nice fit and gives the interior a “finished” look. We measured 79/86 dBA with the side doors open and 81/88 dBA with the doors closed.

2016 Kioti CK2510 Cockpit

While some might be surprised at the louder reading with the doors closed, the reality is that the space is limited and the sound pressure builds up in the tight enclosed cab. Open the rear window and the sound readings drop by one dBA. A front wiper/washer was included in our test package, along with adjustable side view mirrors, and a heat/defrost system that runs off the tractor cooling system. A/C though is not available, due to the space and horsepower constraints. Fit and finish are excellent and there is even space for a radio/CD player. The hydro filter, as with non-cab tractors, is still accessed from the operator’s platform. The suspension seat travel is not at all impeded by the cab, and the retractable seatbelt system is maintained.

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Our test tractor was outfitted with Kioti’s KS54-108FM snowblower. The blower utilizes a quick attach sub-frame and supersedes the previous SB54A model, though the specs are the same. The unit runs off the optional 2000 rpm mid-PTO and has a 14” diameter center balanced auger. An 18” diameter four-blade fan running at 850 rpm sends snow from the auger through the discharge chute, which hydraulically rotates 282 degrees. Hydraulic control (lift/lower and chute rotation) is controlled by the joystick. The upper deflection chute adjusts manually, with both an electric and hydraulic option for those desiring total control from inside the cab. A .375” x 1” fixed cutting edge delivers snow to the auger, while a pair of fixed lateral skid shoes keeps wear to a minimum (adjustable skid shoes are an option). Cut height for the 675-pound unit is 22-1/2” and the range of travel is up 10” and down 6”. A 6E driveshaft sends power to the gearbox using a #50 chain drive.

2016 Kioti CK2510 Snowblower

Though our test tractor was not so-equipped, Kioti’s KL2510 loader is compatible with the cab. The KL2510 can lift 1092 lbs to a max height of 87.8”. Dump clearance is 67.2”, giving nearly 6’ to clear most pickup truck beds or trailers. Other specs for the KL2510 are 3.9” dig depth and 1843 lbs of breakout force with the system running at 2275 psi. A 50” (7.8 cubic foot) bucket is sized to match the tractor capabilities and the mount system is skid steer compatible. The KB2465 backhoe is also compatible with the cab since it uses a separate seat. The KB2465 has a dig depth of 76.3”, reach of 113.1” and a 180-degree swing arc. Dig force is 2817 lbs at 2466 psi. A number of pin-on buckets are available ranging from 9” to 36”. A mechanical thumb is also an option.

2016 Kioti CK2510 Front

Kioti warrants its tractors 24-months bumper-to-bumper with driveline coverage for 48 months. MSRP for our test package (tractor, cab, labor to install cab, mid-PTO and 54” blower) worked out to be $29,051. For someone in the market for a deluxe, nimble, serious snow removal package, the CK2510 thus equipped is a worthy contender. For those in the vicinity of Bethany, Conn., they’ll find Lock Stock & Barrel a neat, friendly, and well-informed place to start.