2017 Massey Ferguson 5711SL Review

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  • Todd
    Some great tractors, the automatic controlled traction on the Simplicity Broadmoor really comes in handy ...
  • Carl
    I praise JD for achieving the honor but if they have not redesigned the seat material so it does not crea...
  • Shane Y.
    Hypro's polypropylene heads are very reliable.  There are a lot of other great diaphragm pump compan...
  • Johannes
    Farming in Africa the only traktor is John Deere from 70diesel on thank you joh deere
  • Sam
    Hahaha, that's hilarious! Stupid walmart.
  • Green Tractor wrecks Havock @ wallmart! - Buick Regal Forum : 2011 Buick Regal Forums
    [...] This is seriously messed up, bad prank or someone really screwed up! makes me wonder who has to pay...